Social Media Usage in Australia - May 2016

Statistics compiled by for May 2016. Stats and research courtesy: Vivid Social. Figures correct as of 31/05/16. This work is licensed under Creative Commons License CC BY-ND 3.0.

This monthly report shows the most popular social networks in Australia over May 2016. This year in general growth for the top sites has been much slower as these networks reach saturation point. However we still expect to see continued growth every month for both Facebook and YouTube at least.

Twitter has not seen any significant growth for over a year now as they have trouble retaining users and getting existing users to frequently visit the site.

We have also seen a drop in users for Foursquare/ Swarm. These apps now in my opinion have very little use besides being an app ‘to fiddle with your phone when out and about’. Both products never took off in Australia and over time they continue to lose users. Similar to older social media sites like Digg and Delicious.

Social Media Statistics Australia – May 2016

1. Facebook – 15,000,000 users (steady)
2. YouTube – 14,300,000 UAVs
3. – 5,500,000
4. Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
5. Tumblr – 4,400,000
6. LinkedIn – 3,800,000
7. Twitter – 2,800,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx (see calculation)
8. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. TripAdvisor – 2,300,000
10. Blogspot- 2,100,000
11. Snapchat – 2,000,000 approx Monthly Active Australian Users (see calculation)
12. Tinder – 2,000,000 Australian users (my estimation)
13. Yelp – 1,600,000
14. Flickr – 560,000
15. Pinterest – 300,000
16. Reddit – 100,000
17. MySpace – 80,000
18. Google Plus – 60,000 monthly active Australian users approx (my estimation *revised*)
19. StumbleUpon – 40,000
20. Foursquare/Swarm – 17,000
21. Digg – 14,000
22. Delicious – 11,000
23. Periscope – 10,000

(All figures represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to that website over the monthly period – unless otherwise stated above).

Key Points to Note:

What do we consider a Social Network? A large mainstream brand that is built around user generated content, allows others users to connect with and follow users, and importantly the networks allow open discussion of topics. For example – that is why we consider YouTube as part of this list.

YouTube is seeing a slight and gradual increase – from our research this is because more young and older people start using the service for the first time. Facebook also gets this kind of growth but their reporting tools are not updated frequently.

Blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr are very popular as users looking for ways to create their own sub-domain websites for free. However older blogging platforms like Google’s Blogspot does lose users as they swtich the newer products which receive better support.

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