Why we love Instagram

Happy New Year everyone.

 Or perhaps I should say 'snappy'? I am sitting in a caravan on the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria as I write this pondering the year ahead and the social media trends that will increasingly showcase brands in more innovative and creative ways in 2015.

Having spent the past few weeks in this beautiful location, my absolute favourite has been Instagram. Every sunny bit of beach, every sunset, every gourmet breakfast or much longed for morning coffee has become an opportunity to showcase coastlines and cafes.

Business use of Instagram is increasing rapidly as brands are cottoning onto the fact that the visual not only provides an opportunity to promote products, but also to connect on a more social level through building personality and trust.

Instragram allows you to share the day to day experiences of your business in an informal way, helping to create a more emotional connection with your customers and give your business or brand a more personal feel.

Instagram statistics published late in 2015 by expandedramblings.com.au show that Instagram has more than 300 million active users monthly, with more than 75 million users active on a daily basis. A report published in April 2014 by forrester.com states that Instragram is the 'king of social engagement' with some brands experiencing 58% more engagement on Instagram than Facebook (per follower) and 120 times more than on Twitter.

There are other benefits for businesses using Instragram that can't be underestimated. Probably the biggest one is that it is free to use, giving you the opportunity to show off your business in action through products and services and greatly increase exposure to your brand and people. There is also far less brand competition on Instragram as compared to Twitter and Facebook, and using this platform, as with others, helps increase SEO for your brand too.

So my advice to you?....get snap happy and start sharing the personality behind all your hard work! And have fun doing it!

You can find Splice Communications on Instragram at www.instragram.com/splicecommunications