How Millennials use Social Media

By Sam Johnson
Year 10 student at Parkdale Secondary College

The term “Millennial” refers to people born between 1981 and 1997, and everyone knows that they spend a lot of time on social media or other technology. A BuzzStream and Fractl survey, taken by 1200 people from three generations (Millennial, Generation X and Baby Boomers) shows the difference in content preferences between the generations. 

The survey shows that around 10% of Millennials spend 0-5 hours per week consuming content, 15% spend at least 5 hours a week, 23% spend 5-10 hours a week, 17% spend 10-15 hours a week, 12% spend 15-20 hours a week and 22% spend more than 20 hours a week consuming content. 

Source: The Generational Content Gap

Source: The Generational Content Gap


The survey presents some other interesting and potentially useful information for website creators or managers. Most people seem to consume content during the “late afternoon,” or between the hours of 8:00pm-11:59pm. The percentage of Millennials on at this time is around 35%. (Posting content during this time is a good idea, as it will reach the largest possible audience)

On the subject of reaching the largest possible audience, if you are in fact managing or creating a website, make sure your website is optimised for mobile. Over half of the group that mostly uses a mobile device for web viewing is Millennials. But overall, only 26% of Millennials primarily use a mobile device to view content. Their primary viewing source is a laptop. Desktop computers come in second, followed by Mobile Devices, and Tablet comes in last.

When it comes to social media platforms, Facebook doesn’t have much competition as #1. 61% of Millennials use Facebook primarily, and coming in second is YouTube at just 11%. Twitter is third, then comes Google+, then LinkedIn, followed by Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, in that order.

Source: The Generational Content Gap

Source: The Generational Content Gap


On the internet, Blog posts (like this) are the most popular form of content for Millennials, and 26% of them agree that 300 words is the best length for a blog post. This one is going to hit 340 words by the end of this sentence, so a summary is in order.

Most Millennials spend 5-10 hours a week consuming content, and the most popular time for this is late afternoon, from 8:00 pm to 11:59pm. Millennials make up 52% of the group that primarily uses a mobile phone to view content, but as a group they view content on a laptop. Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with YouTube coming in a distant second. And if you’re going to write an article such as a blog post, try and keep it under or around 300 words; the “sweet spot for article length.”

So all you social media marketers out there…get to it and use these stats wisely! Those millennials are a savvy bunch!