If your website is not responsive, Google doesn't want to be your friend

We recently blogged about responsive websites (Why does your business need a responsive website?...and what is that anyway?) and answered the question as to what that means – essentially a website that is built to adapt to whatever device you are using.

Given that 80% of people who use the internet do so on a smartphone and around 47% of people who own a tablet use it to search the internet, it is important that your website looks fantastic and is easy to navigate no matter what device people are using to find you.

Well if that didn't convince you, then the latest news from Google should surely make you nervous.

It is well known that Google likes to keep us on our toes in terms of changing their algorithms that decide on how websites are ranked in search results, and dynamic content driven websites are winning the race.

But Google are just about to up the ante once again, and if your website is not built to be responsive, your business could be practically invisible if people are searching using a smartphone or tablet, making it increasingly hard for your customers to find you, and better for your competition.

Priority will now be given to websites with a mobile friendly design so that users have a good experience when searching using a device. And this just doesn’t mean the style of your site. According to smartcompany.com.au, Google will be assessing websites in a few key areas:

  • Size of the text – can it be read without zooming?

  • Do visitors to the site need to scroll horizontally to see the entire page?

  • Are links too close together making them hard to tap?

  • Does your site rely on technologies, such as Adobe Flash, which aren’t generally supported on mobile devices?

In some cases the changes that need to be made to your website may be minimal. You may already have a mobile version of your website that needs some simple tweaks to improve navigation and use. Test our own site on mobile devices to see how it responds, and if you are finding it hard to read, slow to respond or difficult to navigate, remember that your customers are having the same experience.

And when Google's changes come into effect…..they won’t be able to find you at all.

Worried? Splice can help....just give us a buzz or drop us an email for a no obligation chat about your website and how you can ensure it is designed to be responsive and easy.

Shelley Best
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