How to Encourage Meaningful Customer Engagement on Facebook


If all you're interested in is racking up likes, you probably shouldn't be using Facebook for your business. While getting a lot of people to like your page is a good thing, it doesn't mean anything if those people have no legit interest in your products or services. Instead, shift your focus to doing things to encourage more significant Facebook engagement likely to benefit your business.

Fresh, Relevant Content Is Essential

Content is king when it comes to anything business-related online, especially with a platform as interactive as Facebook. Avoid the temptation to re-purpose too much content from your website or blog -- although there's nothing wrong with including links to your other online resources on your Facebook page. Content that's exclusive to your Facebook pages provides a better incentive for someone to like and bookmark page. Original content that tends to solicit meaningful engagement on Facebook includes:

  • Facebook only contests and deals
  • Quick tips somehow related to your products or services
  • Positive, inspirational quotes
  • Quick questions designed to spark conversations
  • "Shareable" video clips and photos

Interaction with New and Existing Customers Matters

Take time to respond to comments, especially if you notice conversations via posted comments on relevant topics you haven't addressed. Using your comments section to address specific customer concerns is another way to reinforce your customer service skills. Approximately 60 percent of consumers 18 to 34 research products or companies on Facebook before making a purchase, so active interaction is likely to add to your appeal.

Building a Quality Following Will Benefit You Long-term

Avoid the temptation to use irrelevant images or posts loaded with popular keywords to generate page visits and likes. Not only with this turn potential customers away, it will also get you in trouble with Google if you're trying to earn a good ranking on search engine results pages. Instead, take time to build quality relationships with your existing customers and the new customers who come along over time. The payoff may not be immediate, but you'll have better long-term results that include:

  • Posts being shared with others more likely to be interested in your products or service
  • Greater brand awareness as you become a trusted source for information
  • More visitors coming back to your Facebook page on a regular basis beyond that initial "like"

Facebook for business purposes isn't about simply generating likes or gaining followers. Your ultimate goal is to convince real users to engage with your brand, become customers, and tell spread the word to others within their online circle. You also have Facebook tools and features at your disposal to further reach your intended audience, including creating ads designed to target specific interests and the use of real-time data to see what content is working best for you.

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