Email marketing works - here are 7 reasons why

In the early days of the web, everyone loved their email. Sitting at your desk and hearing the familiar ping as an email landed in your inbox sent a rush of adrenalin through your entire being….well ok that may be a little over the top but still, we all remember the thrill, right?

The reality is today that our inboxes are crammed full of emails – a good deal that we want and much that we don’t! So does that mean that the days of effective email marketing opportunities are over – absolutely not!

Here are the 7 top reasons why direct email communications to your clients are still valuable and cost effective.

1.   It’s a great way to build your personal brand as a thought leader

Direct communication with your clients, particularly if you work in professional services, is a great way to build your personal profile and establish yourself and your company as thought leaders in your field.

Every day we are typically trying to work through ‘the noise’ of our inboxes, so providing your clients and customers with information that is relevant, time sensitive and succinct – particularly if it serves to assist their service in their own business - provides them with value without expectation of anything in return, which in turn is a great way to build trust, integrity and a solid network.

2.   It’s an easy way to reach clients and customers on the go

In an increasingly digital world, the amount of people accessing email through their smart phone or tablet is increasing at a rate of knots! Email marketing is an easy way to reach your customers and clients without having to invest a large amount of money in software and technology.

Statistics show that a remarkable 80% of Australian’s access information via their mobile devices, and that at May 2014 12.07 million people in Australia owned a smartphone

Emails are free for the consumer, where text messaging may incur a charge, and emails have far more space for content, allowing for better marketing opportunities.

3.   It’s a simple and effective way to keep your customers up to date

Email marketing is effective in helping businesses and their consumers stay connected. Customers often actively seek out marketing email campaigns from their favourite stores and brands, particularly when there are rewards on offer to people who subscribe. 

One of the biggest advantages of communicating with your subscriber base is that they are most likely already a big advocate of your brand or company, and are ready to be engaged with your marketing messages.

4.   It’s versatile and instant – so can be tailored to suit a fluid and dynamic marketing strategy.

You email marketing message can be written, designed and distributed in a relatively short amount of time, and from anywhere in the world! Got an amazing offer or has your business just won an industry award? Get the message out there! Now!

5.   It’s measurable

Most email marketing programs, whether they are incorporated into your website or you are using one of the many online tools available, provide the ability to measure engagement with your subscribers.

This is a great way of monitoring what time of the day you get the most reach and engagement, how many people are reading your emails and what actions they are taking once they have engaged.

6.   It’s cost effective

Most email marketing programs available have little or no fee involved with using them. Mailchimp is a fantastic, user friendly platform that gives you the flexibility to tailor your branded message, or can provide a number of templates to choose from if you are a design novice.

For small business owners and start ups, it is a far more cost effective way to spread the word than traditional means of marketing.

7.   It provides a link to drive traffic to your website

We always advise our clients to view their website as one of their biggest business assets – the hub of all digital marketing activity.

Like social media, email marketing is a fantastic tool to drive people to your website. Once they have landed here your website should be geared to engage people to maximise your digital opportunities. It should be informative and easy to navigate….a great experience here is what will keep people coming back.

Increased activity on your website and other digital platforms such as social media will help to drive your Google search results and increase the opportunities to push your business up the Google rankings. This is important because traditionally people who are using Google to search for businesses or services don’t delve to much further than the second or third page of search results.

If you have any questions about how Splice can assist you with cost effective, targeted email marketing campaigns and communications, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!