The 5 'I' Factors of Powerful Brand Storytelling

If you want to boost your content marketing return on investment, there is no faster way than to develop a cohesive storytelling strategy. Brands that focus on strong stories are much likelier to see high engagement and increased audience interactions.

But a spray-and-pray philosophy won't work if you want your content to resonate; you need to have a plan of action to ensure your blog posts and videos evoke the appropriate reaction. If you want to enjoy powerful brand storytelling, it is imperative you remember the following five 'I' factors:


Brand stories should inspire. Whether you want to inspire readers to take action or you want your audience to feel empowered by your content, a desire to inspire needs to be an integral component of each storytelling journey you embark upon.


Your content should be impassioned and created from a place of emotion. If you're not emotional over your content, why would you expect your audience to feel motivated to connect with your brand? No, this doesn't mean crying over your keyboard while creating content marketing posts; it means truly caring about the brand marketing you're creating.


In order to be effective, your storytelling needs to be interesting. Is your content shareable? Are readers enlightened by your posts? If your content isn't intriguing and interesting, you might want to tweak your content creation process.


Brand stories that resonate with their audience are important. Think about your online followers and ask yourself what is important to them. Create marketing content that matters to your audience, instead of focusing solely on the desires of your business. If you put your readers/viewers first, your outreach efforts are much likelier to hit their target.


Occasionally be impetuous with your content marketing. Address trending social media topics, rant about an issue your audience feels strongly about, or offer personal posts that show your brand's softer side. Not every brand story needs to be scripted or fit neatly into your content marketing strategy. You might be surprised to find that some of your impetuous posts have the highest audience engagement rates.

Remembering these five 'I' components can help you create inbound marketing content at a faster rate and with more fervor. Just like the five whys of storytelling (who, what, when, where, why), the above-listed 'I' factors can bring depth to your content outreach. How many of these components do you already incorporate into your content?