3 tips to help you establish good social media habits for your business

If you run a small business it can be very time consuming to be thinking about marketing, even more time consuming the amount of man hours it can take to establish and manage engaging and valuable content, and consistent messaging for your social media platforms, let alone thing about the different ways you engage with these audiences on the various platforms.

There are a few things that can help you take some of the time out of regular posting and some of the stress about what you are actually going to post!

Find your voice for each platform

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? YouTube? Vine? LinkedIn?....which platform is right for your business?

Remember, that not every social media platform is going to be suitable for you…and of the ones that are….remember that there is a different ‘language’ that should be adopted for each.

In general, Facebook is a more social platform so therefore your posts should be fun, informative and not all about selling your product or business, where as LinkedIn is a professional platform and is all about articles and information that bring value to business people.

Plan plan plan

Take the time to plan your social media posts at least a week or even better, months in advance. This will give you the ability to effectively map out campaigns and the key messages that you can use across all your platforms and blog topics. Think about frequency and times for your posts, because the optimum time for your posts to appear on one social media site, may not be the same for another. Do your research and find out which social media sites your target markets frequent and engage with them!


There are a number of online scheduling tools that allow you to pre-schedule your planned posts a week or even weeks in advance. Many of them are free depending on what level of functionality you want.

That is not to say that these are a set and forget option…by nature social media should be just that….social…so it is vitally important to take some time each day to monitor your accounts, repost relevant posts, add current topical posts and respond to comments and questions. But by using a scheduling tool, you have the peace of mind that your business is maintaining a consistent presence across your social media accounts.

Social media as a marketing tool should not be underestimated. The benefits it offers in engaging with your clients and customers is fantastic, but over and above this, don’t underestimate the power social media marketing offers in driving people to your website and increasing your sites’ SEO.


If you would like a free social media scheduling template to help you plan your social media marketing activities for your business, or would like information about how we can help you plan and manage your social media marketing, email shelley@splicecommunications.com.au