Welcome to Splice Communications


We are so excited to launch our new business and along with that….our new website!

We are based on the beautiful Surf Coast of Victoria in Geelong and have a passion for working with business to enhance their marketing and communications and to find innovative and creative ways to engage their audience!

With social media marketing being the new norm when it comes to developing a marketing strategy, we are finding that so many business people just simply don’t have time to shout their messages from the digital tree tops as effectively as they would like! In fact…..some are doing their businesses irrefutable damage by not doing it properly….if at all.

The fact is….more than half Australian business owners do their own business online….placing orders, sourcing suppliers and researching new products…so why are they not giving their customers and clients the same opportunity when they are looking to do business?

Many small to medium size businesses are simply not optimised to take advantage of the massive amount of online opportunities….in 2012 only a third of businesses with four employees or less even had a web presence! That’s not going to help when people are Googling their little hearts out to find exactly what they want.

So, we at Splice are here to help connect you to your audience….and we do it by partnering with you to understand your business, your audience, and developing strategies to maximise your marketing, social media, communications and public relations opportunities. And we do it in fun, innovative and creative ways. We tell your story.

We would love to have a chat….give us a call and let’s catch up for a coffee to discuss if we can work with you to get the conversation started with your people, your audience, and soon….your biggest advocates.