1 powerful reason to use numbered lists for your blog posts

Have you noticed in recent times that so many blogs and news articles that land in your inbox have a title with a numbered list? 7 ways to transform your social media.....4 reasons why your Facebook page isn’t working.....3 foolproof ways to boost your Twitter profile......

And on and on….

So why is it that these type of blog or article titles implore us to click more frequently? Well, it’s a little more scientific than you may think.

Whenever we encounter information our brains immediately fire to try to make sense of it. The promise of a numbered list offers the reader a finite amount of information that is delivered in an orderly fashion. After all, we make lists when we do the groceries because they present the relevant information in an easily digestible manner. Because we can process this information more quickly, lists just generally makes us feel better about the information we are getting.

In an age where our inboxes are constantly full of white noise the promise of quickly accessible information is exciting.

When it comes to blogs, using numbered list titles in your headlines seems to draw people in naturally. Numbers in a headline break up text, so our eye is automatically drawn to this.

Research shows that people can’t process more than about 9 pieces of information at a time. In marketing spheres, it is widely accepted that odd numbered lists have more traction than using even numbers. This is because people perceive that content broken up into odd number of facts would suggest that the list is dictated by the number of facts available, and therefore is more authentic that a list that contains an even number of facts.

Still don’t believe me?.... well here is a great article by copyblogger on 7 reasons why list posts will always work

Enjoy and let me know what you think….do you go for a numbered list?