Can social media help you find your tribe?

It's clear that in this digital age, we are fast coming back to a real demand for more human based interaction....the business 2 business or business 2 client analogy is now far more effective when we apply a stronger people 2 people focus.

We are inherently relationship forming beings. We are constantly increasing, developing and maintaining a network of relationships. But most relationships are based on a mutual satisfaction of needs and quite often these come down to safety, emotional security, attention and importance or relevance - eg status.

So how do we apply this to our clients or customers?

People take the most comfort from the people around them they consider to be their 'tribe'. That is, if you feel a synergy, level of comfort and familiarity with the person. If you have something in common. These relationship elements build matter whether the relationship is personal or business.

So how do you create this?....You need to give something of yourself. Tribal marketing is not about leading your tribe, it is about serving it! it is quite often not even about building your own tribe but being able to reach out to tribes that already exist - social media is perfect for this!

People want genuine human interaction and this can be achieved effectively through social media. By sharing something of yourself or your business you can immediately forge a connection with other people who share the same interests or experiences.

Ask open questions....invite people to share something of themselves too so you can engage on their level and interests. Social media is designed to be exactly that - social. Get people talking and keep them talking!

Most importantly - bring value to the relationship. Provide your 'tribe' with information and content that brings value their lives, their business, their knowledge base,  with no expectation of anything in return....this builds familiarity, relationship and trust.

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