Disruptive Strategy anyone?

Thought leadership. Disruptive strategy. The internet of everything. You hear these terms bandied around in all quarters these days but what do they really mean?

Do they change the way we market our business?

In a time when businesses need to have a digital footprint to be truly competitive in their market, it becomes more challenging to finding ways to create a tangible and human relationship that goes on to create an emotional connection with your audience....your people....your advocates.

Thought leadership. It's about content and innovation. It's about giving your clients and customers value...something for nothing. Equipping them with information that is beneficial, makes them think and creates interest in their day - and giving it to them with no expectation of return, transaction or loyalty. Of course as business this is what we are hoping to achieve....but it is about achieving it through a relationship built of trust, value and respect. 

Content marketing and thought leadership, when done properly, is an important glue that binds your audience to you to build a relationship that has long terms benefits to your business.

So where does disruptive strategy come in?

Well let me ask you this.... You are standing on a crowded street feeling awesome and confident  in the  gorgeous designer, tailored, perfectly fitting outfit you selected that morning to give you the edge...you are going to be hot, fashionable and part the crowd as you walk down the street.  But, wait! You look around....everyone around you has been to the same tailor.....are wearing the same outfit! This is the point when you know you have to do something different to stand out......so you start singing New York New York...... at the top of your lungs....causing a disruption! They make think you're mad but boy you got their attention!

Create change, innovate and challenging the norm to deliver your message. Do it in new and old ways. Find the human connection that translates or connects your audience to your digital world. Most importantly, take risks, experiment and have fun doing it. Dare to fail...it gives us our most valuable learning opportunities. 

The internet of everything is challenging and changing the way we interact with digital into the future. It is the connection between the physical and digital world....our connectedness that encourages human to human contact, educational opportunities and ease in the ways we live and automate our busy lives.

The opportunities that are presenting now for businesses to use new technology to connect in a more human way with their audience is exciting to say the least. Developers are already creating educational apps for kids that reintroduces developmental learning through games that challenge and enhance fine motor skills and brain function....without them even having to touch a device!

Check out the amazing work that Two Bulls - an Australian company - is doing with Sesame Street building interactive educational apps for kids that engage and delight.

So...It is a classic case of not only watch is space....but keep a close eye on it because whether your business is big or small.....there are exciting times ahead.