One international Smart magic

We were pretty excited with the launch of Splice Communications on 1 October and we've been pretty busy since then! 

The very day after launch we attended the V21 Digital Summit in Melbourne and it would be fair to say we were pretty blown away by just what is happening in the digital world. You know, we think we're pretty digitally savvy here....but there is always the next bigger, better new thing just about to fact the past 2 years in the digital space have moved faster than the last 15!

One of the stand out presentations was by VP Strategy & Planning at Huge Inc, Catherine Heath. Huge Inc is a Los Angeles based digital marketing company that are pushing the boundaries and redefining marketing - not just mainstream but digital - everyday. 

Among other case studies presented, Catherine spoke passionately about the collaboration between Samsung and American recording artists Usher, who teamed up to launch Samsung's new motion-control Smart TV technology.

The challenge was not only create a cutting edge, engaging 120 second clip, but to educate the audience on the Smart TV, which uses gesture controls to allow people to adjust volume, navigate the menu and even zoom in on images with just the flick of the wrist.

Huge's task to find a star who could integrate their performance in a natural, meaningful way. Usher quickly emerged because of his 'incredible dance skills and overall style and ease  of movement'. His new single - "Looking 4 Myself" and it's theme of the struggle for identity quickly became the perfect choice.

The film clip passed 50 million views only a month after launch, and became one of the most watched branded videos of 2013 and Samsung's most successful video ever.

You can watch it here

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what is being conceptualised and offered  up in through new technologies....exciting times ahead that will continue to be fast paced and change the way we engage as humans in a digital world.

Enjoy your Sunday!